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Lymph Nodes of the Head and Neck

The human body is often invaded by exotic species of bacteria and viruses that cause damage to it. We all know that the ability of our bodies to viruses and bacteria are struggling. But we are aware of the mechanisms behind what we usually refer to immunity? Well, very few have knowledge of the facts of immune cells and the different processes using different cells and glands. Lymph nodes, also called lymph nodes are part of the lymphatic system of our body. We will see the physical structure of the lymph nodes. These are small round bodies, which are an important part of our body, the immune system. They are distributed throughout the body and more than 500-600 of them in turn. Not secrete substances. A lymph node is composed of groups of lymph nodes. The main functions of these glands are necessary with the immune cells of the bad bacteria and viruses that invade the body destroy the work. These lymph nodes act as filters, where they are placed in the body. Function as memory cells to invasions of damage include. lattice nodes and lymphatic tissue are made of these fabrics are filled with lymphocytes. Lymphocytes are responsible for absorption and collection of all bacteria and viruses in a given region, where they are. Destroy infectious bacteria and viruses stored only once. These cells multiply quickly when your body needs to fight infections. In this paper, we discuss the lymph nodes of head and neck.
Lymph nodes - head and neck
Lymph nodes are usually removed in the arms, head, neck, groin, chest and abdomen.We have listed below the lymph nodes of head and neck, with a little information about the individual. anterior cervical lymph nodes: They are essentially a subset of both cervical lymph nodes and lymph nodes in the big head. Also part of the lymph nodes in the neck. They are deep in the neck at the back, usually the part that we can bend and move his head.Important immune functions work in the tonsils, throat and thyroid. Neck muscles: These made the second subgroup of cervical lymph nodes. These lymph nodes are like a series of lymph nodes in the neck, but most of the major muscles of the neck. They extend from the center of the head to the scapula. Enter the upper respiratory tract problems, especially sine and others. Tonsil lymph another sub-mandibular bones are stronger and bigger in the face that allows the lower jaw removed. Aid in the treatment of an infection of the tonsils and back of the throat. These nodes are two sides of the jaw and the fight against viruses and infections of the mouth. Submental lymph nodes are just below the chin. The main area to treat infections of these nodes are the teeth and other parts of the mouth, such as the lower lip, floor of mouth, tongue and skin within the cheek area. 

supraclavicular lymph nodes: Lymph nodes in the depression directly above the collarbone. These nodes are treated with infections and invasions in the thorax and abdomen. Swollen lymph nodes is common in most people. Most of the time when there is a swelling that looks like a lump or lumps in the neck area, most often caused by swollen lymph nodes in the neck. There are many possible causes of inflammation, inflammatory diseases, the most common, tumors, infections, etc. In most cases, swollen glands in the neck by an infection. Most of these tumors in the neck is not painful. These bumps can move. In general, the processing of a bump, get rid of infections and general questions. However, if the tumor is painful and not in a few days they will disappear to give a serious underlying problem, and must be medically proven.
It is also recommended for small nodules, which play an important role in protecting your body. Understanding these nodes is not as difficult as you might think. At least, the easiest thing to remember, the name of immunity is your lymph nodes!

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