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Painful Bumps on the Scalp

painful bumps on the surface of the scalp does not fail us. This blows hurt when you touch it with your fingers. The pain is exacerbated during the hair combed. These bulges have different properties, depending on the cause behind the problem. Some are itchy.Other forms of blows to the scalp can be filled with pus on them. The bursting of these bumps can cause bleeding and scabs on the surface. The worst, a painful lump on the scalp, it stops the skin and hair scar tissue develops in the damaged site. Therefore, it can cause permanent hair loss.
painful knot on the causes of scalp
There are many types of skin diseases that can lead to painful blows to the scalp.Common causes of this problem are discussed below:
Ringworm: This is a fungal infection and is also known as ringworm. When this fungus grows on the scalp, red bumps on its surface, which is round and causes excessive itching. Some of these pieces can be filled with pus. Then the loss of hair on the scalp affected.
Scalp Folliculitis: This is a bacterial infection in the hair follicles are attacked. In fact, shock due to scalp folliculitis caused by inflammation of the hair follicle. These bumps are pretty big and full of pus. This causes redness and swelling at the skin around the root ball. caused the infection causing bacteria attacks the hair follicles, once damaged by external factors.
Contact dermatitis: This occurs when the scalp is no irritant or allergen is exposed. In this state, the surface of the skin becomes irritated and inflamed. This type of skin reaction is often caused by direct contact with some harmful chemicals or certain foods or medicines. Consequently, the bulbs red, itchy, painful sores on them. These recordings are often very important. Several times, several small bumps on the scalp of the group together and appear as large clumps.
epidermal cysts: These cysts can be identified as a hard lump under the surface of the skin secretions of the white discharge. They are caused by blockage or damage to the hair follicles. These swollen bumps on the scalp becomes red and tender. The painful symptoms are not limited to shock and can not be in the inflamed skin to feel it.
Other causes: pain hits in the scalp, psoriasis can red scalp. If a person has chickenpox, aa is a contagious viral disease, so that bubbles appear as bumps on the scalp and other body parts. In some rare cases it can be painful blows, which develop on the scalp and neck cancer cells. This is a type of skin cancer by its name. A blow on the scalp, the malignant nature, has no effects on various cancer characteristics. In this state, the shape, size and skin color changes from time to time.
painful shocks in the treatment of scalp
The blows to the scalp must be treated by a dermatologist. There are several treatment options, and depends strongly on the issue. First, we discuss the treatment of ringworm.As a fungal infection, anti-fungal shampoo should be applied to rid the scalp of infection.With this anti-fungal oral medication that is healing from within. Then there is scalp folliculitis, which took place a bacterial infection of the skin and requires oral antibiotics to kill bacteria. Contact dermatitis is not only external. Regular use can reduce medical shampoos and topical skin ointments irritation and inflammation. The treatment of squamous cell using steroid injections to reduce inflammation. However, if that fails, doctors drained fluid from the same surgery. In some cases where the cyst is very worrisome, the patient, the cyst may be completely removed by surgery. The treatment of psoriasis of the scalp is the most difficult and should be continued for a long period.Topical treatment with coal tar shampoo and salicylic acid are very effective for this purpose. Other patients need steroid creams and oral medications.
If you painful blows to the scalp, comb and brush your hair, you have very carefully to avoid injury. Even if you are very itchy, avoid scratching the skin of the scalp. Too much scratching can cause secondary infections of the skin that must be the cause annoying.Do not tie your hair too hard as it may aggravate the pain. The most important thing is not to use hair care products is that the chemicals in them.

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